Friday, February 15, 2008

Step Up 2 The Streets

This week at the Screengrab: My Oscar picks (which according to one commenter are boring - I guess I should have gone for that Alvin & the Chipmunks sweep), the Before Sunset portion of Our 11 Favorite Romantic Movie Moments, the Repo Man sequel, Paris Hilton's sad weekend, the Coen Brothers' new projects and Private Joker's Homepage.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's new on the Screengrab front, you ask? All kinds of fascinating crap, I answer! Kill what's left of your work day reading my posts on the continuing King of Kong saga, the fine art of rare film collecting, filmmakers gone missing Harmony "Gummo" Korine and, more controversially, Michael "Heaven's Gate" Cimino, and my list of 10 movies for a snow day.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Longtime readers of Moonshine Mountain may remember this mix CD challenge from way back when. Well, another challenge was recently issued, and for those of you who may receive one of the discs and for those of you who want to play along at home, here are the liner notes. I did double up on a few categories, and there are some inside references you may not get, but such is life.

1. The Last Thing You'll Ever Hear

Body of an American – The Pogues. In my next life as a Baltimore city po-lice, it's the last thing I'll ever hear.

2. Song about a body part

Gary Gilmore's Eyes – Dean Schlabowske. "Gary and his eyes have parted company" is the line I never remember to spring on Mairs when we disagree on a movie.

3. Cover better than the original

Gin and Juice – The Gourds. All due respect to Mr. Dogg, but I never get sick of this rootsy version by one of my fave Austin bands.

4. No vocals & 9. Spooooooooooky

The Pink Room – David Lynch. From the Fire Walk With Me soundtrack. Music to go on a three-state killing spree by.

5. What Instrument is That? & 12. Voice On Loan From God

Everything Goes to Hell – Tom Waits. That's a combination that could only add up to my man Waits, because you know there ain't no devil, there's just God when he's drunk, and when he's drunk he loans his voice to Tom and lets him pick out a fictional instrument. This track from Blood Money features the Chamberlin, which I believe is a medieval torture device.

6. Duo & 8. No verse, no chorus, all bridge: the song has unrepeated (or minimally repeated) movements rather than a verse-chorus structure

The Famous Polka – They Might Be Giants. Not a perfect fit - I had originally slotted "Fingertips" from Apollo 18 here, but it's divided into like 20 different tracks, which would screw everything up. Besides, these are the most brilliant lyrics in TMBG history.

7. No chorus, no bridge: the song follows the same structure throughout

Evidently Chickentown – John Cooper Clarke. I tracked this down after it was used in the last season of The Sopranos.

10. About space travel and/or aliens

Motorway to Roswell – Pixies. Studies show that nine out of ten Pixies songs are about space travel and/or aliens. Here is one.

11. Perfect Road Song

Return of the Grievous Angel – Gram Parsons. Out with the truckers and the kickers and the cowboy angels. I wish I had the Trouble Down South version, but this will have to do.

13. Song that makes you wish you didn't know the language it's being sung in (I don't think this means foreign language, but instead stupid lyrics)

Wiggle Wiggle – Bob Dylan. Oh, Bob. This is when you know you have no true friends. Someone who cared should have stopped you. Although I'll always love the way you sang "wiggle like a big fat snake."

14. Killer guitar solo/Should be in Guitar Hero

Take It Off – The Genteels. Not nearly enough Las Vegas Grind on Guitar Hero.

15. Song that makes you laugh (or includes laughter)

Piss Up a Rope – Ween. What can I say, I'm easily amused.

16. Song that makes you cry (or includes weeping)

The Weeping Song – Nick Cave. A song in which to weep.

17. Song you'd like to see made into a movie

Detox Mansion – Warren Zevon. One of my earliest screenplay ideas was an Altmanesque celebrity rehab comedy based on this song. Years later, I reviewed the terrible Sandra Bullock vehicle 28 Days, which was described in the press notes as M*A*S*H in a rehab center. Another dream died.

18. Music from Before 1950

Jumpin' Jive – Cab Calloway & His Orchestra. Makes you like your eggs on the Jersey side.

19. Song you're sure nobody else in the group has

The Welfare Hotel Twist - Eric Jacobson. Lyrics by Scott Von Doviak. I've got a CD's worth of stuff I co-wrote with my musician pal Eric, but I settled on this one written in response to a challenge to include the phrase "microsurgical vasectomy reversal" in the lyrics. I did it, dammit!

20. The greatest song ever made, according to your sixteen-year-old-self

Baba O'Riley – The Waco Brothers. The problem here is that everyone already has "Won't Get Fooled Again" and "Baba O'Riley," and now that they're CSI themes, it's just all the more embarrassing. So in lieu of the original, and since there's a bit of a Bloodshot Records thing going on here anyway, I figured this version would work.

21. Song about wild - or at least, non-domesticated – animals

Bears – Lyle Lovett. I must confess, this is the category that almost defeated me. Not sure why.

22. Title longer than 8 words

As We Walk to Fenway Park in Boston Town – Jonathan Richman. Near and dear my heart, obviously.

23. Title with 3 or fewer letters

LDN – Lily Allen. Apparently you're either an Amy Winehouse man or a Lily Allen man. I am hereby declaring my allegiance.

24. Song recorded before the artist became even remotely popular (preferably uncharacteristic of style that made them famous)

Wonder Woman – Attila. This slice of sub-Spinal Tap prog rock brought to you by Mr. Billy Joel, ladies and gentlemen.

25. Song about death

The Night Pat Murphy Died - Fiddler's Green. I'd rather end on a raucous wake than a morbid note, and this make a nice bookend with the disc opener.